Nahuatl baby names that mean Sun

Our baby’s name is a difficult decision to make because we are looking for a choice consistent with his personality. If you are still undecided, we leave you this list of Nahuatl names inspired by the Sun.

According to the Aztec cosmogony, the universe’s basic structure is made up of three parts: the earth, the sky, and the underworld, so the names of Nahuatl origin have a beautiful meaning. Many of them are related to the elements of nature.

In the Diccionario de Nombres Indígenas (Dictionary of Indigenous Names) of the Veracruzana Academy of Indigenous Languages, it is explained that the Nahuatl alphabet is made up of 19 letters, most of them pronounced in a similar way to Spanish.

We have made this list to give you ideas to name your little one. Due to their translation, they can be used indistinctly in boys and girls.

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Letters A-E

  • Atonatiuh: Sun of water.
  • Axayácatl: he was the son of Tezozomoc, a Mexica tlatoani who ordered the carving of the Stone of the Sun. His older brother succeeded him on the throne.
  • Chichiní, Chichiná: Sun, the day, the workday.
  • Cuauhtli, Kuauhtli: Eagle, the symbol of the Sun.
  • Erandi: For the Aztecs, it means
The names of Nahuatl origin have beautiful meanings. Photo: Pixabay
The names of Nahuatl origin have beautiful meanings. Photo: Pixabay

Letters K-O

  • Kin: Its meaning is Sun; the Mayans also used it.
  • Kinich: It means the face of the Sun; it was also used in the Mayan culture.
  • Kitsá, Quitzá: Its meaning is Sun, day.
  • Kuxi, Cushi Kushi: It means Sun-corn, although it can also refer only to corn.
  • Naolin: he was the Aztec god of the Sun.
  • Ollin Tonatiuh: The Sun of movement, of the fifth creation from Teotihuacán.

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Letters S-Y

  • Sasil/Saasil/Zazil: It is dawn, clarity, light; its origin is related to the Mayans.
  • Sugey: Its meaning is sunlight; it is of Aztec origin.
  • Tanok: It also means Sun, but its origin is attributed to Tepehuano, a language derived from Nahuatl.
  • Tlanextic: Light of dawn.
  • Tonalli: Its meaning is heat from the Sun, day, destiny.
  • Tonatiuh: Of Aztec origin, it means Sun, the luminous one, the one that warms up. Tonatiuh is the fifth and current Sun in the Aztec view of the cosmos and the fierce Sun-god of several other Mesoamerican cultures, including the Toltecs.
  • Tonatiúh: It means our father Sun, the Sun, the day. The Mexica people considered him the leader of the sky. He was also known as the Fifth Sun because the Mexica believed that he took over when the Fourth Sun was expelled from the sky.
  • Xqaqáh, Xqaqá, Xqakgáh: It dawns, the Sun arrives, it brightens the day. This name also appears in the Totonac language.
  • Yaxkin: Its meaning is rising Sun, the origin of this name is attributed to the Mayans.
Names of Nahuatl origin are an excellent option for your baby. Photo: Pixabay
Names of Nahuatl origin are an excellent option for your baby. Photo: Pixabay

We hope this list helps you. Which do you like?

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

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