Raising without myths, a guide to a more informed parenting without so many worries

Raising without myths: It seems that being a mother is a synonym of worries, but this, like many other false beliefs that exist around parenting and how to care a baby, is a lie.

That is why Emily Oster, an economist by profession and mother of two, wrote the book Criar sin mitos (Parenting without Myths) approaching with data and scientific evidence, the doubts that parents have:

“To help them feel more informed and less likely to google answers”, says the author.

We chatted with Emily Oster about her book, which is a guide that all moms and dads should have at their bedsides. In the end you will understand that everything will be fine, stop worrying!

Life changes and you have to adapt

The birth of a baby not only turns the life of the parents upside down, but also of the whole family.

At first it can be very difficult, “My first year as a mom was especially hard. With both my kids, I have had times when I wanted to give up for different reasons, but with my first girl I felt sad. I love my daughter very much, but I missed my old life”.

“With my second child I felt better, but I was feeling sad because I didn’t want to lose the closeness I already had with my first daughter, who at that time was already four years old”.

“I think the main challenge was how to manage my time and identify what part of what people say about motherhood was a lie, what I should repeat with my second baby and what not”, explains the author.

Instead of sticking with “what people say”

Emily decided to dig deep and document every major decision she had to make as a mom. From how to take care of a baby the first days, to topics such as breastfeeding, vaccinations, bedtimes, choosing a daycare, or going back to work.

“When I got pregnant I didn’t realize how everything around me would change. I faced and overcame many challenges, but it was not until the birth of my second child that I understood the things that I had done well and those that I had not, my mistakes and successes. Then came the book”.

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Parenting without Myths or any additional stress

While being a mom and dad does come with a lot of anxiety and worry, you don’t have to add to the stress with unsupported sayings and advice.

In the book

The author demolishes myths and puts on the table, based on facts, her sentence, an informed opinion that she hopes will help other parents.

“A myth that I address in the book is everything that people say about breastfeeding. It certainly has benefits, but it is exaggerated. They say it is wonderful, that it will help you lose weight, and it will make your children more intelligent and successful”.

“I tried to identify what was true and what was not. I found that it does have benefits, especially when the baby is very young; for example it helps with his digestion. But not everything that is said is true and I think that magnifying it adds a lot of pressure to moms”, adds Oster.

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Make decisions based on what makes you happy

One conclusion Oster drew with her book is that parents have the right to make their own decisions and should always focus on what makes them happy.

“When people make important decisions, they think that deciding based on the baby is the only way to go. However, in the book I found that you should also think about yourself as a parent”.

During the research

“For example, during the research, I found that there are not many differences between children whose parents go out to work and those who are at home. That is why I tell you to think about what is best for you as a family, as a whole, what makes you happy”.


Finally, the book leaves us with a reflection that should be clear to us: don’t worry, you’re doing well as a mom and dad. “There are many ways to be a good parent, and you don’t have to do things as someone else says, it’s okay to find your own solutions”, the author concludes.

Criar sin mitos de Emily Oster (Parenting without Myths)

Publisher: Diana / Planeta

Books Review: Any new mom or dad knows that friends, family, doctors and even strangers on the internet give a lot of often contradictory advice about raising a baby.

This is a guide to decipher your baby’s first years.

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

Spanish version