Rituals to attract abundance

The Christmas season makes us think about what happened to us in the year and plan what we want for the next one. One way to fill ourselves with energy is through rituals to attract abundance; we leave you some to do as a family and attract abundance.

Spiritual coach, Panterita, shares with us that to obtain the abundance we desire, we must let go of past experiences, even the bad ones, to make room for all that is good.

Abundance is energy; it is an energetic current that flows from you and through you. You can make room in your energy, but if you are full of emotions you have not released, you are not making room for new things to come into your life”.


Before performing the ritual, you must prepare internally by looking for the right place and time for your family to be relaxed, but also externally: clean your home, especially the area of the house where the ritual will be performed.

Internally, you will think about what you want to achieve by 2022: if you’re going to change jobs, buy a house, buy a car… Panterita comments that when one thinks about the goals I want to achieve, I am charging myself with energy.

“The intention, when you think about what you want, you are aware of it, you impregnate it with energy to become a reality. This feeling, that energy is going to make this work”.

What do you need?

Once you have cleaned your house, found the place, as well as the time to perform the ritual, and that you have done this exercise of thinking about your goals, you’ll need:

  • • One purple candle: purple is the color of transmutation; we will use it because we will let go of everything we don’t want.
  • • One golden candle: it helps us bring abundance. If you don’t get a golden one, it can be red, yellow, or orange.
  • • paper and pen
  • • A pot or cauldron
  • • Music: you can search for mantras or frequencies

Visualize what you want

Once you and your family have found the right time and place, you are going to take the candle, the paper and the pen; with the candle in your hands, you will close your eyes and inhale deeply three times; while you do it, you will think about everything that happened to you in this 2021 and give thanks.

“You will say three times thank you, and then you will think about everything that happened this year. You are going to write everything. First, you will write the phrase. Thank you three times: Thank you because I had a job this year. And also, be thankful for the bad because everything you consider to be something bad is a teaching that shows you what your soul has to work on”.

By doing this ritual, you let go of everything that happened to you and make room for new things. The next step is to think about what you want for the next year, visualize it, and you are going to write it down on a piece of paper; then, take the golden candle, and again you will imagine what you expect from the following year.

“We are going to light the golden candle. You will take it into your hands and set an intention on it; this intention is what makes the difference. You will feel and remember the happiest moment in your life, and you will transmit that feeling of love from your heart to the candle, and you will infuse it with energy”.

Now that you have visualized your life in 2022 write down what you saw and put it in place in your home or office to constantly see it. Get together with your family; each one may think about what they want for the following year and do this ritual to receive abundance.

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

Spanish version

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