Russian baby names

Russian culture offers the world great works of art such as literature, music, the architecture of famous buildings, etc. The language, although it may seem complicated, has beautiful meanings. These Russian baby names will give you options to make a difficult decision.

Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian are part of the Slavic languages. Russian is based on the Cyrillic alphabet (a writing system used in the Eurasian region), which comprises 33 letters, explains the Russian book for Spanish speakers.

Many of the names on the following list have their origin in Greek and Latin; this is due to the spread of Christianity in that region, says linguist Alexander Sádikov.

You will find the Russian version of many popular Spanish names.

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Russian belongs to the Slavic languages. Photo: Pixabay
Russian belongs to the Slavic languages. Photo: Pixabay

For girls

Letters A-N

  • Aleksandra: Derived from Alexander, of Greek origin meaning protector, so this Russian version means the protective one.
  • Alina: It means attractive, funny; it is diminutive of Adelina.
  • Anastasia: It comes from the Greek Anastasis, which means It was widely used in Eastern Europe, especially in Russia. In addition, it is the name of one of the most famous legends, the lost princess. It is thought that Anastasia Romanov was the only survivor of her family after the Russian revolution.
  • Anna: Derived from the Hebrew name Hanna. It means pious, merciful, blessed by God.
  • Anuska: It means benevolent, compassionate, full of grace.
  • Ekaterina: Of Slavic origin, it means pure.
  • Fedora: Derived from the Greek Theodora, which means gift from God. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the nobility widely used this name.
  • Irina: It is of Greek origin, from the word Eirené, which means
  • Ivanna: Feminine variant of Ivan. The origin of it is Hebrew and means gift from God.
  • Katia/Katya: Derived from Catalina, meaning pure, immaculate.
  • Larissa: This was the name of a Greek city located in Asia Minor; its meaning is the one that is cheerful and willing.
  • Lena: Russian diminutive of Helena.
  • Mila: Name of Slavic and Russian origin means loved by the people.
  • Milena: It means
  • Nadia: It comes from Nadezhda, and it means hope.
  • Natacha: Diminutive of Natalia, it means related to the rebirth.
  • Nikita: Variant of the Latin Nicetas, meaning

Letters O-Y

  • Oksana: Its meaning is praise to god.
  • Olga: it means the immortal one.
  • Petya: It means stone; it is derived from Petra.
  • Polina: It comes from Latin; it means small, humble.
  • Sasha / Sacha: It can be used for boys or girls; it derives from Alejandro, its meaning is
  • Sonja: It is the Russian variant of Sofia; it means
  • Svetlana: It means star.
  • Tania: It has its origin in royalty, so it means beautiful princess or beautiful noblewoman.
  • Tatiana: It is of Greek origin; it means the active one; however, the Russian variant is Taciana, a name to refer to King Tatius.
  • Varenka: It means foreign woman; it is the Russian version of Barbara.
  • Yelena: It is the Russian version of the Greek name Helena; it means light or torch.

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These names have beautiful meanings. Photo: Pixabay
These names have beautiful meanings. Photo: Pixabay

For boys

Letters A-L

  • Alexei: Russian version of Alexander, it means protector, guardian.
  • Anatolij: It means originally from Anatolia; it is of Greek origin.
  • Andrei: It has its origin in the Greek word andros, which means brave and
  • Boris: It means combatant warrior; it is very popular in Russia.
  • Dimitri: its origin goes back to the Greek goddess of agriculture, Demeter.
  • Evgenij: It is the Russian form of Eugene and means of noble descent.
  • Fyodor: Variant of Theodore, means he who pays homage to God. This name was very popular among the nobility.
  • Gregori: Derived from the Greek and means watchman. It is the given name of a famous court adviser of the Romanov dynasty, better known as Rasputin.
  • Igor: It means the one who takes care of others.
  • Ivan: It comes from the Hebrew name Yohannan, which means god is merciful.
  • Kirill: Its meaning is
  • Lenin: It means he who comes from the Lena River. It is famous for being one of the prominent leaders of the Russian revolution.

Letters M-Z

  • Mikhail: Derived from the Hebrew Mika’el, meaning Who is like god?
  • Nikolai: Russian variant of Nicholas means the one who leads his people to victory.
  • Oleg: It means
  • Pavel: Derived from Pablo, it means
  • Pyotr: Russian version of Peter, meaning
  • Sergei: It comes from the Latin name Sergio, which means
  • Vanja: Derived from Ivan.
  • Viktor: It comes from Latin; it means who comes out victorious.
  • Vitali It means related to life; it comes from Latin.
  • Vladimir: It comes from the Russian words Vlad, which meaning is sir, and mir, which is world.
  • Yakov: It means follower of God; it is the Russian variant of Jacobo.
  • Yuri: Russian variant of Jorge means the one who works the land.
  • Zhivago: Its meaning is It is also the name of the famous Russian novel Doctor Zhivago.
These are some options for naming your baby. Photo: Pixabay
These are some options for naming your baby. Photo: Pixabay

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Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver

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