Ways to calm children down without using screens

The use of screens is more present in our daily lives; many times we use cell phones or tablets to entertain our little ones; however, there are ways to calm children down without using screens.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that children under the age of two do not use screens or watch television, instead, they should engage in other activities with their parents that promote their development.

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Here are some ways to calm children without using screens:

  • Place your baby on his stomach for at least 30 minutes a day: With this you help your baby to strengthen the muscles of the neck and shoulders, as well as his motor skills.
  • Avoid leaving your baby for more than an hour in chairs or baby carriers: Instead, try to have activities with your little one, so you will strengthen the bond with him.
  • Quality time: Reading to your little one, telling stories, singing or playing with him helps with her intellectual development and boosts his activities.
  • Physical contact: Rocking your little one or rubbing his back helps release your baby’s tension.

Generating habits from a young age to encourage responsible use of screens is super important to avoid excesses. During the Covid-19 pandemic, children’s use of screens increased.

According to the Report on children’s television consumption 2020 prepared by the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT), it indicates that Mexican children spent an average of four hours and 44 minutes, daily, in front of television during the first year of the pandemic.

Besides, UNICEF recommends that parents, governments and schools seek actions to guarantee safe and responsible use of screens.  

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Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver

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