10 Life lessons taught by Tom & Jerry

Surely you remember Tom & Jerry. Who does not! You, your parents, grandparents, and now your children have laughed at their adventures. About the launch of our collection in co-branding with Warner Bros., we wanted to recount the life lessons that this wonderful series taught us.

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Returning to the lessons that Tom & Jerry have taught us, we leave you a top 10 with those we believe are the most significant. Obviously, each of them marked us in a particular way. Tell us what you learned from this inseparable couple!

10 Lessons Tom & Jerry taught us

1. Perseverance

No matter how many obstacles come their way, both Tom and Jerry are never willing to accept defeat. They try over and over again no matter how many times they fail. They are an example of perseverance; none is willing to give up.

2. Creativity

Every time one of the tricks they use fails, they immediately try the next one. They have a great capacity for reaction and creativity to come up with new things and counteract what the other comes up with. They are always willing to try new, different, innovative things.

3. Smile

Both always have a huge smile drawn. In their way, they have fun and enjoy the process of trying to reach their goals. The moral is to smile, smile at life. Enjoy the journey more than the destination. Be happy.

The Tom & Jerry collection by Baby Creysi is made with soft-touch cotton. Photo: Baby Creysi
The Tom & Jerry collection by Baby Creysi is made with soft-touch cotton. Photo: Baby Creysi

4. What matters is the attitude

Jerry is a tiny mouse, but he still stands up to Tom with intelligence and determination. Tom knows that he shouldn’t underestimate his opponent because he is brilliant.

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5. Work as a team

Despite their endless fights, when it is necessary, they come together to deal with everyday problems. When their home is threatened, they stop their persecution and put an end to what is stalking them.

6. Know your limits

Although Tom knows that Jerry is brilliant and a great opponent in the game, he is also clear that it is not his best interest to interfere when the dog confronts him.

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7. If the strategy doesn’t work, try another

It’s okay to fail, as long as you learn from your mistakes and don’t keep repeating the same thing. One thing that is clear to us about Tom is that even though he doesn’t achieve his goal, he modifies his strategy, learns, tries new things, and tries again, hoping that it will work this time. He remembers that life is continuous learning.

8. Value the details

When we learn to appreciate the little things in life, we understand that the world is much bigger than we imagine and that we are not the center of everything. That will make you happier because you will begin to enjoy the details, what is truly important.

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9. Friendship is the best gift

This cat and mouse share a unique bond of friendship. Although they fight and annoy each other, they complement their lives. Jerry can’t survive without Tom and vice versa. It’s nice to have someone to share and enjoy their company.

  1. Life is like Tom & Jerry

They tease, knock each other down, and get irritated, but they can’t be without each other. It doesn’t matter what life throws at you. Keep going; life constantly throws us challenges in different shapes and sizes. Defeat must not be in your vocabulary; the game is on!

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Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

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