A gift from nature to girls

We all expect spring arrival with a lot of joy to forget the cold winter days and have the first vacation of the year with warmth. And not only that: this is a season full of mythological meaning. Visit it again and again with these girls’ names inspired by nature: A gift from nature to girls.


  • Aurora: Its meaning is evident: “Dawn”. It is a name used to augur the beauty and luminosity of the new day. In Roman mythology, Aurora is the deity who personifies dawn.
  • Azucena: Name of Arabic origin that refers to a beautiful white or pink flower.
  • Azalea: The beauty of Azaleas flowers is unique. Its origin is Greek and means “Dry”.
  • Amarilis: Do you know the Amarilis flower? It’s beautiful! So stunning that you could use it as name for your daughter. Its origin is Greek and it transmits great charm.

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B – C

Begoña: Its meaning comes from a sanctuary at the top of a hill that dominates Bilbao city and nearby towns. It means “Place on the dominant hill” and its origin is Basque.

Camelia: The elegance of Camellia flowers is undeniable. As name, it has a Latin origin. Do you know someone named like that?

Cintia: Cintia’s flower stands out for its brightly yellow. Its origin is Greek and means “She who comes from the mountain”.

F – H – J

Flor: The warm, beautiful, unpredictable, thorny and exceptional “Flower”. Its origin comes from the Latin Florus and means “The one that refers to the floral”. Without flowers in our fields, green wouldn’t be enough.

Hortensia: Even though this name is not really current, it doesn’t lose its beauty. It comes from Latin and its Saint Day is January 11th.

Jazmín. Have you ever smelled a Jasmine? Its aroma is unique! So much that it can inspire you to call your baby Jasmine or Jazmín. It origin is Persian.

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LL – R – S

Lluvia: It means “Rain” and it is used as a poetic and symbolic evocation. Is said that, women named like this “love people who are close to them, who are cheerful and attract success at job”.

Rocío: Andalusian origin, its primal Latin meaning (Rosius) means “She who is refreshing and youthful like dew”. It also means “The one who has grace”.

Rosa: Its meaning is “Rose flower”. The use of this name during the Middle Ages was very common, reaffirmed by the symbolism of beauty and purity attributed to the rose and Virgin Mary.

Silvia: Natural from the forest or queen of nature. It derives from Latin Silva, whose meaning was “Jungle”, “Sinister forest”.

What do you think about these girly names?

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Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara