Anahí: When mom is sad

Sadness is a normal feeling in all human beings and it happens to us moms, too. Today I am going to tell you about something that has been hard for me and we are all still struggling: Covid-19. It just started when Emiliano came into our lives.

Every pregnancy is different. With Manu I did not experience any kind of sadness, I felt happy, but with Emiliano it was different. I can’t say I had postpartum depression. Everything was normal in my quarantine, but when that period passed, the next day, the confinement due to Covid-19 began.

The lockdown

In the face of the pandemic and the lockdown I had a very hard downturn. Like everyone, I felt uncertainty and fear. I was thinking, “I just brought this little human into the world and the world is falling apart”.

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We were locked down and that’s when I experienced a lot of sadness. I spent over six months without even sticking my nose in the door because I had a newborn. I felt like the world was crashing down and many scary thoughts haunted me.

Even today

Thank goodness, I no longer have all those fears, but it was very hard for me to go out again. Even today, Covid-19 remains a difficult topic. Like millions of people, the pandemic has affected me greatly and continues to be difficult for me. Then we went down with Covid, imagine, it was even harder!

Step by step

Little by little I understood that we have to carry on, we have to give it a try. And yes, you have to keep living. With the vaccines, we can already do certain things, but carefully, because the pandemic is not over yet.

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Be certain that everything will be alright

Like millions of mothers, my children are the ones who drive me the most. They give me hope and faith.

All human beings, women or men, must believe in something.

Whatever you want to believe in, but BELIEVE, because faith is our greatest strength. It is believing that everything will turn out well, but also having faith in yourself that you can keep on. You may not know how but visualize yourself with health, happiness and well-being. As dark as things may seem, be sure that all this will settle down, it will be over.

I don’t know if it will help you, but let me tell you about it because it has helped me a lot:
  • Do a lot of yoga and meditation.
  • Try to be in balance, in your center.

Obviously, like everyone else, I also have difficult moments, but I make an effort to try not to depend on anything external. We alone can give ourselves a cuddle and, believe me, it is what we need the most.

If you are one of those women who feel sad or depressed, for whatever reason, call it Covid-19 or postpartum depression, please ask for help.

I know it is easier to say it than to do it, many people may not have enough resources to look for a professional (because therapy is also very expensive), but try to talk about it.

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When you discuss your fears, sadness, or concerns with people you trust, you will automatically feel better. They can be your friends, your family, your partner, the closest ones. I can tell that doing this helps a lot and can get you out of a big hole.

The worst thing we can do when we are in a period of depression or sadness is to isolate ourselves, lock ourselves in our thoughts, keep everything inside…

So, I recommend that if you are feeling like this, talk about it. Bring out the things that are hurting inside of you. That’s what I would advise: shout it out, talk it over and over again until you feel better!

Byt if you can’t go to therapy or you don’t have that opportunity, then talk about it with the people who love you, who will respond to you from the heart and who will want to help you. Remember that you are not alone.

I am Anahí and I am looking forward to meeting you in my next article for Baby Creysi.

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Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

Spanish version

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