Baby names and their meanings inspired by the Sun

The Sun is essential for life. Feeling its warmth is one of the most pleasant sensations. Its powerful force influences our personality and even the perception of beauty. The Sun has been worshiped by all cultures, it is a source of art, magic and mysticism. How about being inspired by our Sun to choose the name of your baby?

This list contains baby names inspired by the Sun, we have options for both girls and boys. They are all beautiful!

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Girl names inspired by the Sun

Aurora: Of Latin origin. It means, “The luminosity of the aurora” or “Dawn”. In Roman mythology, Aurora is the deity who personifies the dawn. She was the sister of the Sun and the Moon.

Elena: Name of Greek origin derived from Helene. It means “Bright torch”. It can also be translated as “Shining like the Sun”.

Eleanor: Its origin is uncertain, although the most widespread theory indicates that it is of Greek origin, a variant of the name Elena. Another theory says that it comes from the Breton Eliennen which means “Spark”.

Elia: Girl name of Greek origin that means “The one who shines like the Sun”.

Kira: Of Persian origin that means “Sun”. It could also mean “Clairvoyant” or “Foresighted”.

Kin: This beautiful name comes from the Mayan. Its meaning is “Sun”.

Marisol: It is the contraction of two names. Mary, which means “The one chosen by God” and, Sun, which refers to the “King Star” or “The one that shines”.

Sol: It comes from Latin and means “The one who has a luminous faith” or “The one who shines like our Sun”.

Solana: It is of Latin origin. Some theories indicate that it means “The light of the Sun”, while others assure that its meaning is “Wind from the East”.

Soleil: Name of French origin. It means “Charming and pleasant as the Sun”.

Suniva: Variant of the English name Sunngifu, meaning “Gift of the Sun”.

Youta: Japanese name. It means “Sun” or “Sunlight”.

Yanara: Name of Mapuche origin that means “Daughter of the Sun”.

Youko: It is of Japanese origin and means “The girl of the Sun”.

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Boy names inspired by the Sun

Addae: Name of African origin. It means “Morning Sun”.

Antilef: It comes from the Mapuche, indigenous people of Argentina and Chile. It means “River of the Sun”.

Dagobert: Of Germanic origin. This name means “Shining like the Sun” or “Clear and bright day”.

Eleodoro: Of Greek origin and it means “Gift of the Sun”.

Elian: Of Greek origin. It refers to Helios, God of the Sun. Helio: Boy name of Greek origin that means “Sun”.

Inti: Inca name that also means Sun. It can be a male or female name.

Rajib: Comes from Sanskrit and means “God of the Sun” or “Almighty Ruler”.

Samson: It comes from the Hebrew word shemesh, which means “Sun”.

Shaiming: It is of Chinese origin and means “Sun Ray”.

Suvan: From Hindu root, it means “The Sun”.

Tonatiuh: Of Aztec origin, it means “Sun”, “The luminous one”, “The one that warms up”. Other meanings indicate that he is the “Lord of Turquoise”. Tonatiuh was the fifth and current Sun in the Aztec view of the cosmos and the fierce sun god of several other Mesoamerican cultures, including the Toltecs.

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

Spanish version: Here

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