Baby names that will be trending in 2022

The New Year is about to begin and it is full of plans to carry out. If among those plans is the arrival of the stork, these baby names that will be a trend in 2022 will help you. Get inspired and choose the one you like best!

Whether you choose a more traditional option, but not out of style like Mateo and Karla, or those that have become popular in recent years like Thiago and Mila; these names have beautiful meanings and are a perfect choice for your little one.

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For girl

From Aitana to Sofía, this selection of names will help you name your little girl.

Newborn girl Photo: Shutterstock
Newborn girl Photo: Shutterstock


  • Abril: The Romans named newborns according to the month in which they were born, the most popular wasApril, from the Latin “aprire” which means “open”, since it refers to the arrival of spring.
  • Aitana: It derives from the Basque word “Aitzane” which means “glory”.
  • Alba: It comes from the Latin “albus”. It means “the woman of dawn” or “the woman in white”.

C, E, J

  • Chloe: It means “grass” or “green shoots”, it is of Greek origin.
  • Emma: It means “the one who is strong”, its origin is Germanic.
  • Jimena: It means “the one who knows how to listen”, its origin is Hebrew.

K, L, M

  • Karla: Of German origin meaning “brave and strong” or “the one who is strong”.
  • Lara: It comes from the Latin “lar, laris” which means protector of the home.
  • Lola: It is a derivative of Dolores, it comes from the Latin word “doloribus”, which means “pains” or “the mourner”.
  • Lucía: It means “the one who carries or is born of light”, it comes from Latin.
  • Mía: It comes from Hebrew, its meaning is “the chosen one”.
  • Mila: It is of Slavic origin, it means “loved by the people”.

O, P, S

  • Olivia: It means “the one who protects peace”.
  • Paula: It comes from Latin and means “the smallest”.
  • Sofía: Its origin is Greek and means “the one who has wisdom”.

V, Z

  • Valentina: It comes from Latin, it means “courageous”, “vigorous”, “she is healthy”.
  • Valeria: Its origin is Latin and means “healthy and courageous”.
  • Zoé: Its meaning is “full of life”, it is of Greek origin.

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For boys

Newborn boy Photo: Shutterstock
Newborn boy Photo: Shutterstock

A, B, D

  • Alex: Derived from Alexander, it means “defender or protector of man”.
  • Asher: It means “lucky, happy”, its origin is Hebrew.
  • Bruno: Of Germanic origin, it means “shield, breastplate”.
  • Diego: It comes from the Greek word “didachós”, its meaning is “educated, instructed, wise”.
  • Dorian: It means “gift”, it comes from Dorus, a character from Greek mythology who belonged to “The Dorians” tribe.

E, G, H

  • Elm: It is a derivative of Erasmus, it means “protection”; it is of Italian origin.
  • Enzo: It is a derivative of Heinrich, of Germanic origin, it means “prince of the lands”.
  • Eros: In Greek mythology he is the god of love.
  • Guido: Also of Italian origin, it means “jungle, forest”.
  • Hugo: It is of German origin, it means “man of great spirit”.

I, J ,L, M

  • Izan: Derived from the Hebrew name Eitan means “strong, permanent” or “constant”; it became popular first in England, English-speaking countries, and later in Spain.
  • Jasper: It is of Persian origin, its meaning is “the guardian of the treasure”.
  • Lúa: It comes from Latin, it means “it shines”.
  • Lucas: It comes from the Greek “loukas”, which means “luminous, the one that shines”.
  • Luka: Derived from Lucas, it has become very popular in recent years; it also means “luminous”.
  • Mateo: It means “the great gift of God”, it is of Hebrew origin and a biblical name since it was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus.
  • Matías: It is a derivative of Mateo, and like that name it also means “the great gift of God”.
  • Miles: Derived from the name of Germanic origin Milo, which means “gentle”; in England it was popularized as Miles.

N, S, T

  • Nuño: It means “the ninth son”, its origin dates back to medieval times.
  • Silas: It is a derivative of Silvano which means “forest”. In the New Testament, Silas was a missionary companion of Paul and Timothy.
  • Thiago: Of Hebrew origin, it means “God will reward us”.

I hope these names inspire you and help you choose one for your coming child.

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

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