Celebrity babies who are adorable

September is the month of babies, so we want to celebrate it with eight adorable little ones, children of celebrities, who have style and good taste in their blood. Get ready to die of love with these photos that their parents have shared with us through social networks.

Adorable Babies of Famous Dads

1. Manuel and Emiliano

Sons of Celebrity Anahí and Manuel Velasco

The singer and actress is more than happy with her two beautiful and adorable children: Manuel and Emiliano. From the first moment they conquered us with their smiling and charming expressions, in addition to those beautiful intense blue eyes, which they inherited from mom and dad. They are cute! “Here are my reason, my engine and my greatest loves in a photo”, Anahí published in the description of an image next to her babies and her husband.

Manuel and Emiliano Velasco Puente.
Photo: Instagram @Anahí

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2. Mary and twins Nicholas and Lucy

Children of Anna Kurnikova and Celebrity Enrique Iglesias

The former Russian tennis player and the Spanish singer have three cute children, the youngest is Mary, who was born on January 30th, 2020. The mischievous twins are named Lucy and Nicholas. The couple recently shared the first image of their little ones together, enjoying a ride in a red minicar.

Little Mary and her brothers, the twins, Lucy and Nicholas.
Photo: Instagram @AnnaKurnikova

3. Mathilda

Daughter of Celebrity Hanna (Ha*Ash) and Juan Carlos Herrera

After six years of marriage, Hanna welcomed her first daughter on June 3rd, 2020. This cute little doll is called Mathilda and since she was born, her mom has made us part, through her social media, of her most tender moments. “I want to share with you the most important and greatest triumph of my life… being a mom!” She wrote at the time of announcing her pregnancy. Beautiful!

Mathilda is Hanna’s joy.
Photo: Instagram @haashoficial

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4. Gianna and Luka

Babies of Celebrity Karla Souza and Marshall Trenkmann

The Mexican actress and the American banker have two little ones, a son and a daughter. The oldest is Gianna, three years old, and the youngest is Luka, who turned one-year-old on June 12th.

“There is so much injustice in the world and, as a mother, it makes me think about which world I want to see my children grow up in. I look at Luka and Gianna and they bring me hope, but it also inspires me to dedicate myself to being part of the change we so desperately need”, Souza wrote on her Instagram account.

Luka is one-year-old and Gianna is three.
Photo: Instagram @KarlaSouza

5. Vida Isabelle

Daughter of Celebrity Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina

Last year the Rampampam singer surprised the world with her advanced pregnancy. After a long time looking for a baby, she even described it as a miracle. “So many times many doctors told me, ‘You are not going to be able to be a mother,’ and today, in front of all of you, I share this six-month-belly with the whole world”, she said during an awards ceremony.

Little Vida Isabelle came into the world on May 22nd, 2021 and although she is only a few months old, she already has her own Instagram account with more than 1.6 million followers. She is a fashion baby and full of tenderness.

Little Vida already has her own Instagram account.
Photo: Instagram @queenvidaisabelle

6. Maria Paula

Daughter of Celebrity Dulce Maria and Francisco Alvarez

Another beautiful baby, ex RBD. This is María Paula and she was born in January 2021. Her mother has shared several photos of her baby with us. “You taught me a kind of love that I did not know, an immense love greater than fear”, it reads in one of her posts on her Instagram.

With the arrival of her little daughter, Dulce María has been sharing with her followers her memories as a mother:

“I love you my little moon, my little star, the most beautiful thing in my world and also the most tiresome one. I love you”.

María Paula is Dulce María’s “little moon”.
Photo: Instagram @dulcemaria

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7. Masha and Santiago

Children of Celebrity Ana Layevska and Rodrigo Moreira

In December 2018, the actress became a mother for the first time. “I always wanted to be a mother. I didn’t know when. This life and my career are complicated, but I always wanted to start a family”, she confessed when announcing her first pregnancy. Two years later she announced the arrival of Santiago and, since then she has given us beautiful images of her Little Suns, as she calls them. They are beautiful!

Both babies took after their mommy. Photo: Instagram @analayevska

8. Bella

Daughter of Celebrity Marlene Favela and George Seely

Nice Bella melts us with her photos on her own Instagram account. As her name says, she is beautiful, but she also radiates tenderness and cuteness. She is two years old, yet an influencer with a lot of style to wear.

Bella is a real doll. Photo: Instagram @bellaseely_

Aren’t they adorable?

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Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

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