Get to know the world of Alan Ituriel’s Villains

Do you know the world of Villains by Alan Ituriel? Do you know of his books? Have you seen his animated series?

Let me tell you. The Villains series created by Alan Ituriel is a co-production between Ai Animation and Cartoon Network Latin America that debuted in May 2017 with ten animated shorts through YouTube and Cartoon Network LA TV.

In 2018, the first season began on YouTube, consisting of 12 chapters entitled: Black Hat Organization: orientation videos for villains.

In 2019, the pilot episode Villainous: The Dreadful Dawn was released on both the video platform and Cartoon Network Latam. And in 2021, the first season was broadcast on HBO Max and Cartoon Network.

Alan Ituriel likes that Villains fans take ownership of the characters and want to know the mystery of Master Black Hat and the secrets within the Black Hat Organization.

Hence, he now ventures into the publishing world with two books:

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Dr. Flug’s Research Log: Dem’s Diary!

In this book, the beloved characters Dr. Flug and Dementia will reveal enigmas told with humor in the style of Flug and Dem. It has activities that make reading dynamic, and, best of all, it is narrated from the perspective of its protagonists.

One hundred twelve pages of unpublished material that fans will go crazy over and new readers will love. Photo: Susana Pérez

Activity Book and Coloring Book for Villains by 505

With the Activity Book and the Coloring Book for Villains by 505, you will have fun with the ingenuity of their proposals. If you turn the book upside down, you will find the pages for coloring the illustrations drawn by… Guess!

Right, 505 himself.

Dr. Flug, Dementia, and 5.0.5 work for the Back Hat, an organization that helps villains with their villain problems. Photo: Susana Pérez

Alan Ituriel, in an interview, told me that it feels very nice to return to the origins of Villains by passing through the world of Villains to the publishing side with Penguin Random House.

“Not all villains are so bad, and not all superheroes are so good”.

Alan Ituriel

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Ituriel also shared with me that he likes the code part. He revealed that he identifies with the character of Dem because he enjoys looking at the surroundings, rescuing the positive side, and loving it. Still, in the end, he likes the duality of personalities of Flug and Dem.

In addition, he loves to make many references; hence, from the show’s beginning, he resorts to them. He recommends reading his books from the age of 7. But now, without further ado, I invite you to watch the full interview on my Susy Kinema channel:

Susy Kinema interviews the author Alan Ituriel

I’m sure with Dr. Flug’s Research Log: Dem’s Diary! and Activity and Coloring Book for Villains by 505, both from Altea Publishing House, the little ones will enjoy the unpublished illustrations and solve codes that will put an end to boredom.

Last tip: You will also discover valuable information on Boss Black Hat, Flug, Dem, 505, and the villain world. Don’t forget to check out the special decoder that Flug designed!

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