How to draw flowers from numbers

One way your children can learn to draw easily is from numbers. You can make endless things, from animals to faces or even objects. It is so simple that you will be surprised how quickly everyone at home learns. On this occasion, we found some tutorials on YouTube that will help you draw flowers.

Tutorials to learn to draw flowers with numbers

A children’s song says, “With a 6 and a 4, I draw the face of your portrait”. Well, believe me, you can also draw beautiful roses! This is a fun way for your kids to build confidence when using a pencil. You will love them.

Draw a rose with the number 2

Trace the number two and form a spiral from the little head. Then you add the petals, the stem, and the leaves. It is very simple; you will have your drawing almost finished in less than five minutes. Click play.

Draw a flower bud with the number 3

This flower hasn’t opened yet, but it still looks lovely. Trace the number three, and, very similar to the previous example, you will add the rest of the petals. The interesting thing about this way of drawing flowers is that you will have a bud ready to color.

With the number 8, you can draw a wildflower

Number eight is your guide. Trace it, and from there, you form the rest of the flower. When you color it, you won’t even notice that there is a number, and the flower is beautiful.

With the number 6, you can make a beautiful open rose

On a piece of paper, trace the number six. On the belly, begin to draw the details of the center of the flower as if it were a spiral. Close the six and add the outer petals with curved strokes following the shape of the center. Add two leaves and color them.

Here is the video to guide you.

Learning to draw and have fun with your little ones is never too late.

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

Spanish version: here

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