Names for Girls and Boys Inspired in the Autumn

Last September 22nd, autumn 2021 arrived, a season that is described by its vibrant golden, orange, brown and red colors. It is a beautiful season where there is less daylight, but the moon and stars look spectacular. How about some names for girls and boys inspired in the Autumn?

Baby names inspired in the Autumn

These are eleven options for girl and eleven for boy that you will surely like. By the way, in this other article, we share with you some names inspired by the sun.

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Girl names inspired in autumn

  1. Amber: English option of the Arabic name “Ámbar”. Amber is a semi-precious gemstone made of a fossilized tree resin. It is also used to describe the dark yellowish color. In general, Amber means “Yellow-brown”, the autumn’s colors.
  2. Blanca: It means “Pure and bright”. Its origin is Italian. Another meaning associated with it is “Woman who shines with her own light”.
  3. Cecilia: Cecilio’s feminine. From Latin, it means “Small blind” or “Tiny blind”. Its diffusion is due to Saint Cecilia, Roman martyr of the third century and patroness of musicians, whose birth was on November 22nd. In other languages the name appears with some variants: Cécile (French), Sheila (Irish), Caecilia (in ancient Rome), Cecília, Cila (Portuguese), Tsetsiliya (Russian), Cecelia, Cecily, Cicely (English), Cecylia (Polish), etc.
  4. Diana: Of Latin origin and means “Princess” or “The one who is enlightening”, “She of divine nature”, “She of pure nature”. In Roman mythology, Diana was the virgin goddess of hunting, protector of nature, the Moon and autumn.
  5. Dhalia: From Greek, it means “Beautiful woman”. Dhalia is a flower native to Mexico, in Nahuatl is called Atlcotlixochit, and grows during summer and autumn. It’s our country’s national flower.
  6. Greta: Diminutive of Margaret, its origin is Germanic and means “Pearl”. The Saint’s day is celebrated on November 16th.
  7. Luna: It comes from Latin and is a contraction of “Lucina”, which means “Shine” and “Illuminate”. The name Luna refers to the satellite that spins around the Earth. It means: “The one who shines”.
  8. Melania: It comes from the Greek word “Mélas” which means “Black, dark, darkness”. In Greek mythology it was the nickname of the goddess Deméter, divinity of the crops.
  9. Teresa: Its origin is uncertain, although the most accepted theory is that it comes from the Greek Therasia which means “Harvest” or “The one who harvests”. Another proposal associates the name with the Latin Tharasia, wich means “Huntress”. The onomastic of Teresa is celebrated on October 1st.
  10. Oriana: This name comes from the union of Oria and Ana. On one hand, Ana comes from Hebrew and means “Woman full of grace”, and in the other hand, Oria comes from Latin, and the translation is “Golden”, “Brilliant”. The combination means: “The one who is made of gold”.
  11. Zahira: It comes from Arabic and means “The one who is luminous” or “The one who has flourished”.

  Boy names inspired by autumn

  1. Amir: It is of Hebrew origin and means “Treecup” or “He who is tall”. It is relatedto power and fortune. In Arabic means “Chief” or “Prince”. The Spanish variant is Emir.
  2. Akimitsu: From Japanese, it is formed by the word ‘aki aki’ (which means autumn) and ‘ìmitsu’ (light). All together this name means “Autumn light”.
  3. Dionisio: It comes from ‘Dios’ and ‘Nox’, and it means “He who consecrates himself to God in adversity” or “Consecrated to Dionysus, God of wine”. Dionysus is the Greek God of wine, feasts and grape harvest. The French equivalent is Denis and in English, Dennis. Its Saint’s day is celebrated on November 17 th.
  4. Donovan: It comes from Gaelic ‘Donna’, which means “Brown” and ‘Bhain’, “Dark”. Together is means “Darkness”.
  5. Flavio: From Latin, Flavius, it means “Blonde hair”, “Yellow” or “Golden hair”.
  6. Guthrie: Gaelic Scotian name that means “Wind” or “Free as wind”. Another meaning associated with it is “War Serpent”.
  7. Leónidas/Leonids: From Greek, it means: “From Lion Caste”. It was a name given to several kings of Sparta. The rain of stars that occurs in autumn is also named Leonids.
  8. London: It comes from English and means “Fortress of the Moon” or “Lunar Force”. London is also the capital of Great Britain.
  9. Mauricio: It derives from Latin and its means: “Brunette”. Saint Maurice is celebrated on September 22th, day which usually corresponds to the fall equinox, when day lasts as long as night.
  10. Miguel: It comes from the Hebrew “Mica’el” which means “Who like Him?”. It is literally a rhetorical question that means “No one is like God” or “God is righteous”. Michael is the name of the divine Archangel who led the defense of God against Lucifer. Michael celebrates his onomastic on September 29th. In other languages there are variants like Michel, Michael and Mikhail.
  11. Santos: It comes from Latin and it means “Do something sacred”, “He who is sacred”. It refers to the feast of All Saints which is celebrated on November 1st.

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara  

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