Should I bathe my baby every day?

Bathing is a special time to bond with your little one, yet many moms wonder if they should bathe their baby every day. Some specialists point out that they should do it every day, and others do not recommend it, because it can dry out the child’s skin.

Mayo Clinic doctors consider that it is not necessary to bathe newborns daily, three times a week is enough until the baby moves a little more.

“Bathing it too much can dry out its skin. If you take care of diaper changes and baby wipes quickly and thoroughly, you are already cleaning the parts that need attention: the face, the neck and the diaper area”, they refer.

However, we consulted some specialists, who highlighted the importance of skin hygiene in babies, and here we share their advice on bathing.

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Daily bath

Dr. Karin Carpizo Lugo, a specialist in Dermatology, considers that it is ok if you bathe your baby  every day, even if it is a newborn, the important thing is to use emollient products, that is, they do not have artificial coloring or perfume, since those could irritate your little one’s skin.

“In newborn babies nothing happens, the daily bath, just as the adult bathes daily, the baby can also carry out a daily bath. On the baby’s first days, you have to take care of the hygiene and care of the umbilical cord until it falls off”.

Take care of the skin pH

Dr. Rossana Llergo Valdez, president of the Mexican Foundation for Dermatology, explained that caring for the skin of newborns and infants is very important, so she recommends parents be careful with the products they use and only use those that protect the pH to avoid dryness.

“You have to take care of the pH to protect the skin barrier; there are skin care products such as shower oils or creams, these in particular will take great care because their emollient composition is appropriate for the skin and it does not dry out”.

Use your hand or loofah

Sponge fibers are more rigid, so they can hurt your baby’s skin. At bath time you can clean it by passing your hand over his skin, or also use a loofah, that is softer. Dr. Llergo Valdez recalled that baths, whether in a tub or shower, should not last more than 10 minutes.

Take care of the diaper area

To take care of the skin in this area, it is super important to change your baby as soon as it is wet to prevent diaper rash. Dermatologist Karin Carpizo Lugo recommended avoiding scented diapers, as they can irritate babies’ skin.

“You have to change the diaper frequently, sometimes you have to change the brand of diapers because if the baby is constantly having a diaper rash, your doctor will ask you to change them more constantly and not leave them wet or dirty, but there are some brands of diapers, especially those scented ones that can irritate their skin”.

Remember that you must visit the dermatologist to check your baby’s skin to keep it healthy.

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

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