Baby names that mean Moon

For some cultures, the Moon represents the feminine power, she is the Mother Goddess and Queen of Heaven. For others, it is a male deity, as in Egypt, where there were several lunar gods. Because of its magic and mysticism, it is a source of inspiration highly sought after by future parents. If this is your case, we have a list of baby names inspired by this full of magic heavenly body.

Girl names inspired by or that mean Moon

The moon represents the best-known energy for every human being; it constitutes the first refuge, a protective light to which we return when we feel unprotected; it is an object of worship and inspiration.

An ideal option for our little babies.

Letter A

Amaris: Name of Hebrew origin that means “Daughter of the Moon” or “Given by God”.

Artemis: In Greek mythology, Artemisia is the goddess of hunting, protector of nature and the Moon. Its meaning is “Perfect” or “Eternally young”.

Aurora: Of Latin origin. Its meaning is “Sunrise” or “Dawn”. The goddess Aurora was the sister of the Sun and the Moon in Roman mythology.

Ayla: It means “Moonlight” and it has a Turkish origin.

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Letter D

Diana: It has a Latin origin and means “She who is illuminating” or “She who is pure in nature”. In Roman mythology she is the virgin goddess of the Moon and hunt (Artemis for the Greeks).

Letter I

Ixchel: In the Mayan mythology, she is the Moon goddess and she represented fertility since the lunar cycles are the ones that govern the sowing and harvest times. She was the wife of the solar god Ak Kin and she used to be represented accompanied by a rabbit; in Glyphs, her name appears as Chak Chel, which means “Big Rainbow”.

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Letter K

Kuyén: Name of Mapuche (tribe original of Chile and Argentina) origin that refers to the personification of the Moon. She was the wife of Antu (Sun) and was in charge of all the other stars. It can be used for a girl or a boy.

Letter L

Letter L Levana: Name of Hebrew origin; it means “White like the Moon” or “Raise”. In Roman mythology she was the goddess who gave legitimacy to newborns. It was used that, when a baby came into the world, it was placed on the land and, as an act of recognition, was raised by its father to invoke the deity.

Lúa: Variant of the name Luna. It means “She who shines and glitters” or “Light of dawn”.

Luna: It comes from the Latin Luna, which is a contraction of Lucina that means “to shine or to illuminate”. The name refers to the Earth’s satellite. There are also people who say that it comes from the Greek Leukos, which means “Light” or “Bright”. In both cases it can be understood as “Woman who shines like the lunar satellite”, “The one who shines” or “The luminous one”.

Lune: It is Moon in French and it means “The woman of light” or “The one with the flash”.

Lluna: Catalan variant of Luna

Letter M

Letter M Mahina: It means Moon in Hawaiian. Mahina is, in the Hawaiian mythology, a lunar deity, the mother of Hema.

Meztli, Metzti or Metzi: In Nahuatl it means “The moon” or “The black moon”. In the Aztec mythology, it is the name given to the god who turned into the goddess of the Moon. She is also called Ixchel, by the Mayans.

Moon: English variant of Luna.

Letter N

Nahiara or Naiara: Of Arabic origin, it means “Moonlight”. Other theories indicate that it comes from Hebrew, in this case it means “Maiden”.

Nuray: Turkish variant of Luna.

Letter S

Sashi: Hindi variant of Luna.

Selena or Selene: It is of Greek origin and means “Moonlight”. It also corresponds to the name of the goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology, it comes from the word Selas which means light.

Letter T

Letter T

Tea or Thea: It comes from the Greek and means “Of wide brilliance” or “Goddess of sight”. The ancient Greeks believed that the eyes released an invisible beam of light, such as a torch, which allowed people to see everything it reached. Therefore, Tea, as the mother of sight, was also the mother of the Sun, the Moon and the Dawn, which emit their own light.

Letter V

Varali: Hindu variant of Luna.

Letter Y

Yue: Chinese variant of Luna.

Boy names inspired by or that mean Moon

Letter A

Aysel: Of Turkish origin, it means “Like the moon”.

Aqmar: Of Arabic origin, it means “Brighter than the Moon”, “Dazzling” or “White”.

Letter B

Badra: Of Arabic origin and means “full moon”.

Badrudeen: Male name of Arabic origin that means “full moon of faith”.

Badir: Of Arabic origin, it means “full moon”.

Letter C

Chandra: It is the god of the Moon in the Hindu mythology. It can be used for boy or girl.

Letter H

Himanshu: Of Sanskrit (an Indo-European language) origin, it means “Fresh beam”, “Moon setting”.

Hilal: Of Arabic origin, it means “new moon”.

Letter L

Leltxu: From the Basque mythology. He is a genie who hides at night and alters the reflections of the Moon to disorient travelers.

London: Of English origin and it means “Fortress of the Moon”.

Letter J

Jonsu: Ancient Egyptian god of the Moon. The name means “Traveler”, and this may be related to the Moon’s perceived nocturnal journey across the sky.

Letter M

Máni: It means Moon in Old Norse. It was the male personification of the heavenly body.

Letter T

Thot or Tot: Of Greek origin. It means “He who is like the ibis (a kind of pelican)”. He is a lunar god, considered a deity of wisdom, the arts, and the sciences.

Letter Y

Yue: Chinese variant of Luna. It can be used for girl and boy.  

Yunuen: Of Purepecha/Tarascan origin, it means “Crescent Moon”. Legend has it that he was a monarch who lived in Lake Patzcuaro; nowadays there is an island called Yunuen on his behalf and it is shaped like a half moon.

Letter Z

Ziri: Of Berber (North African ethnic groups) origin, it means “Moonlight”. It is used for boys, mainly.

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

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