How to promote spirituality in the family

Parents are concerned that their children grow up healthy and strong, that they have good grades, and play sports. But what about their spiritual development? From the family, we can promote spirituality and have many benefits. We tell you what they are!

Panterita Roch, a spiritual coach, explained that we tend to think that we are separate entities, in which the body is on one side, and the mind on the other, and spirituality entails an enormous effort on our part; however, there is nothing more natural, because, above all, we are spirit.

We can make spirituality part of our daily lives and foster it with some small practices in our families. Panterita Roch shares with us some of her advice to promote family spirituality.

Some of the benefits that spiritual development gives us are:

  • It helps relax and release stress.
  • It promotes the development of values.
  • It encourages empathy, compassion, and dignity.
  • It helps develop respect for us and others.
  • It encourages questioning and growth.

Besides these benefits, we may add a more balanced life, better communication among family members, and an atmosphere of peace and generosity, which provides us with an optimal solution to solve everyday problems.

“Although these benefits sound idyllic, the truth is that these are natural characteristics of our essence that always accompany us; we just have to change our approach and remember what we are”.

Take advantage of everyday activities

The practices in our routine are a good time to practice; if we want to teach our family to be grateful, we can start by giving thanks when we finish a meal.

You can thank the Universe or anyone you have faith in so that it begins to become a conscious habit.

Involve your partner

Before starting to teach your children, talk to your partner so that everyone takes advantage of the moments of coexistence and promotes spirituality in a didactic way.

“You should first strengthen your own beliefs and help each other find inner balance. There will always be questions to ask and challenges to overcome, but together is better”.

Encourage service to others by example

An old saying says that “you have to lead by example,” so if we want to instill in our little ones to help others, we must start with ourselves, either by donating something or allocating part of our time to some tasks.

“Nothing like your example to make service to others organic and natural; this will help us develop empathy for others and see other people as part of yourself, which is one of the most important lessons of selfless service”.

Meditate together

Doing meditation, a daily family practice is the best way to encourage spirituality in our little ones.

“Hold short sessions if you have never done it before and increase the time depending on the need of the family members. Five minutes will be enough. Remember that deep breathing is key, inhaling deeply in five seconds, holding the air for three seconds and then releasing it in five seconds; the important thing is that they can relax and connect with their inner self”.

Learn together

Researching about topics that catch your attention and discussing the points that are most interesting to you will unite you more.

Panterita Roch commented that you could start fostering spirituality in children as soon as they begin to be aware of themselves; the ideal age is five years old to help them manage their emotions and frustrations at that stage.

“The important thing is that you connect, express your concerns and triumphs, and that family members represent physical and spiritual support for each other”.

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver

Spanish version

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