Baby names inspired by nature

In various cultures, natural elements have a powerful meaning and are a source of inspiration for choosing baby names. From those related to fire, earth, or water, whether of Nahuatl or Arabic origin, these names represent the mythology of their region of origin, making them a great option for your baby.

If you have not yet decided how you will name your baby, we leave you the following list:

List of baby names inspired by nature

Letter A

Ainara: Of Basque origin, it means swallow.

Akina: In Japanese, it means spring flower.

Alba, or Aurora: From the Latin Albus, Alba refers to dawn or the first light of the day before the sunrise. In the case of Aurora, it can be known as dawn or morning twilight.

Arán: In Basque, it means valley.

Arantxa: It means highlands of thorns in Basque.

Ayame: In Japanese, it means Iris.

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Letter B

Baikal: It means rich lake. It is a water name that refers to the lake located in southern Siberia; it has other meanings such as the blue eye of Siberia or the pearl of Asia.

Balam: In Mayan, it means jaguar.

Begoña: High hill, in Basque.

Bosco: Of Italian origin, it means forest.  

Byron: Of Celtic origin, it means man from the fields; it also means the man with bear characteristics or behavior.

Letter C

Cala: Of Arabic origin, it means castle, fortress.

Can-Ek: In Mayan, it means black snake.

Celestine: Derived from the Latin caelestis, it means sky. The name Celestino means inhabitant of heaven. It is derived from Celeste.

Celia: It comes from the Latin cælium, which means sky.

Chacte: Redwood, in Mayan.

Cihuacoatl, Siwakoatl: Lady goddess of the Earth, in Nahuatl.

Chloe: Of Greek origin, it means sprout of green grass.

Connor: Irish name meaning one who loves animals. The name Connor also means lover of hunting dogs or wolves.

Coral: Derived from Latin, it means sea stone.

Cuauhtli, Kuauhtli: Eagle, a sun symbol, related to war. (Larousse, 1999) Don’t Miss: Baby Names That Mean Moon

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Letter D

Daphne: In Greek, bay.

Dagoberto: Germanic name meaning shining like the sun.

Danae: It means earth fertilized by rain.

Demetrio: It means sacred to the earth. Its etymology comes from the ancient Greek «Δημήτριος» (Dêmếtrios), a name associated with the goddess of agriculture, Demeter.

Dimas: It means sunset in Hebrew.

Dimitri: It is a Russian variant of the name of Greek origin Demetrio, meaning belonging to the earth.

Douglas: It means dark sea. Its etymology comes from the Gaelic dubh (dark) and glais (water, river).

Letter E

Edurne: Snow in Basque.

Ehékatl, Ejecatl: In Nahuatl, god of the wind that sweeps the fields before the rains.

Elenio: It means the one who shines like the sun, of Greek origin.

Eleodoro: Of Greek origin, it means the one who comes from the sun.

Elía, Eli: In Nahuatl, it means the plant is sprouting.

Elián: Of Greek origin, it refers to Helios, the god of the sun.

Estela: Of Italian origin, its meaning is the morning star.

Letter F

Fabian: It means bean harvester in Latin.

Fabiola: Variant of Fabián, it means bean grower.

Falco: It means the falcon. It also means he who sees sharply or he who sees from afar.

Felipe: It comes from the Greek “Philippos,” which means horse lover.

Letter G

Gaia: Its meaning is earth. In Greek mythology, she was the mother goddess who presided over the Earth. She was the companion of Uranus and the mother of the Titans and the Cyclopes.

Garo: In Basque, it means fern.

Gemma: It comes from Latin, meaning precious stone.

Greta: It means pearl in Latin.

Guido: It means knower of paths. The name Guido, from the German “widu,” means forest but is interpreted as born in the forest or one who knows the way.

Letter H

Hana: Flower, to bloom, in Japanese.

Haru: Of Japanese origin, it means born in spring.

Hazel: It means walnut tree. English adaptation of the term “hæsel” of Celtic origin meaning hazelnut or walnut.

Helio: Of Greek origin, it means sun.

Helios: This name in Greek mythology belonged to the god of the sun; its etymology comes from the Greek “’ηλιος,” which means sun.

Hoshi: Star, in Japanese.

Letter I

Ignatius: It means fire in Latin.

Ilan: Of Hebrew origin, it translates as a vigorous tree.

Iliana and Isaura: Both mean soft air.

Inti: Name the Incas gave to the sun.

Íñigo: The one who comes from the mountainous slope, in Basque.

Izamal: Of Mayan origin, it means dew from heaven. There is a town in Yucatan with this name.

Letter K

Kai: It is of Hawaiian origin; it means sea. It also implies victory in Chinese and is worthy of being loved in the African Swahili language.

Kanté: It comes from the Mayan word “K’ANTEMO,” meaning the tree that listens.

Kin: Means sun in Mayan.

Letter L

Laura: Derived from the Latin “Laurus,” meaning triumph or triumphant, victory.

Lavinia: From the Greek “laphas,” stone. Virgil created the fictitious name to justify the origin of the city of Laninium. Lavinia is the daughter of the Latin king and wife of Aeneas in the poem “The Aeneid” by Virgil.

Leo: Lion in Greek.

Lilian or Liliana: From the Latin “Lilium,” meaning she who is pure.

Llaru: Spring in Japanese

Letter N

Nahuel: Of Mapuche origin, it means tiger.

Nikté or Nicté: Means “flower”. She thus called herself a Mayan princess.

Letter O

Ollin Tonatiuh: In Nahuatl, it means the sun of movement, of the fifth creation from Teotihuacan.

Orson: It comes from the term “Ursus,” which means bear. It means little bear.

Ovidio: It means the one who tends the sheep. This name comes from the Latin term “Ovidius,” whose meaning is sheep.

Letter P

Pedro: Of Aramaic origin, means stone.

Letter Q

Quetzalcóatl: In Nahuatl, the creator god of the man of the fifth sun.

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Letter R

Ramses: It means Son of the Sun. This name comes from the term “ramss” formed by the terms “ra,” which means sun and “mesu,” which means be born and, that according to the Egyptian mythology, god Ra, the god of the sun, acquires another meaning as the son of Ra.

Letter S

Sasil, Saasil, or Zazil: It means dawn, clarity, light in Mayan. Silas: It means little wolf.

Silvano: Derived from the Latin Silvanus, it means of the woods.

Sinti, Sintli: In Nahuatl, it means corn; it is related to the deity protecting the corn.

Suvan: Of Hindu origin, it means the sun.

Letter T

Tlali, Tlalli: In Nahuatl, it means earth, the motherland, the world.

Tonatiúh: Our father sun, the sun, the day, in Nahuatl.

Letter X

Xochipili, Xochipilli, Makuilxochitl: Of Nahuatl origin, it means the god of flowers.

Xochiquetzali: In Nahuatl mythology, it refers to the woman who populated Mexico after the flood; it means goddess of water, beautiful flower.

Xuchal, Suchatl: Rose petal, in Nahuatl.

Letter Y

Yaax: It means nature in Mayan.

Yatziri: It means flower of the dew or maiden of the moon, of Mayan origin.

Letter Z

Zahara or Zahra: Flower, of Arabic origin.

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

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